Monday, April 7, 2014

Quick Ribbon Jar

Well it's Monday and hope everyone had a great weekend!  It seems that lately life has been so busy for so many people and myself included.  I have my mojo back lately and have been going in 100 different directions on lots of different projects, but the only problem with that is nothing is done (don't you hate that)!!

So for my project for today I had to do something quick and simple.  I hope it's not disappointing, but when I do finish things up you all will be the first to see them (one for the next Pinque Peacock blog hop).

Here is my Quick Ribbon Jar.  I used one of my favorite 3/4 inch fabric covered buttons and 3GirlJam crinkle ribbon.

Here is a closer look at the beautiful fabric covered button.

Trying to give my craftroom a 'vintagie' look/feel and love this button and ribbon and goes perfect on my table with all the little spools of ribbon inside.

Thank you so much for stopping by and please stop by often!!


  1. What a prettybway to store your crafting supplies!