Tuesday, March 29, 2016

OMG! Where Does The Time Go

I cant believe it's been over a month since my last post and I had such high hopes to be a better blogger!  Where does the time go, it always seems to get away from me.  I've been crafting, making cards and not one photo.  I made the boys St. Patrick's Day cards and Easter cards and didn't take any photos!  I've even been sewing lately, but it's a surprise what I'm making (you never know who reads my blog).  lol

All is well here, been through some medical issues with hubby lately, but everything turned out good in the end.  I have been trying to get crafty time in every day and it's kind of working out pretty good.  Even went with to the Sacramento Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival on March 18th, it was so much fun.  I've been looking for an apron pattern and I found one there.  It's not exactly what I was looking for, but was good enough.  One of these days I will find the perfect pattern, I just know I will!!  lol

Hope you all had a very Happy Easter and I will be back soon, I promise!!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Busy Monday!

Mondays always seem to be busy, but I guess it's because I've been having busy weekends and so lots to do on Monday.  Made lots of goodies for the super bowl, but it was just us and hubby's 2 brothers.  You would have thought I had 50 people coming over.  lol

Today was a happy mail day, got my first Bloom Box and I am amazed at what was in the box and the quality and it was only $24.95!!  You should all check it out, you won't be sorry.

Below is the flyer for February's Bloom Box, I love the stamp set.  I haven't opened the card packs yet, but tomorrow is going to be a crafty day and hoping to have some actual pictures to share!  Check out the Bloom Box on my website at  http://www.funstampersjourney.com/Susie, I'm sure you'll fall in love too!!


Until next time!

Monday, February 1, 2016

It's a New Week!

Been very busy, but it's a new week and to me a new beginning!  I haven't gotten my Fun Stampers Journey kit as yet, but should be here by Wednesday and I'm very excited.  The $99 sign up has ended, but there's a Plus One promotion this month and if you're reading this you should check it out on my website at www.funstampersjourney.com/Susie .  Even though I haven't gotten my goodies yet I've been exploring everything and am impressed.

There's also a monthly Bloom Box for the card lovers out there.  Again, I'm waiting for mine, but have checked it out and it looks pretty awesome!!  Below is some information, I'm very excited and can't wait to get mine.  I'm not a monthly kit kind of person, but looks too good to pass up.

I've been with quite a few different companies, but I think this one is my favorite so far!!  I haven't been this excited in a long time.

 I've pretty much got my craftroom back together, so I'm ready for all my new goodies and ready to create.  I've been trying to get some projects caught up and working on my window that I can't wait to finish.  I've wanted an old window for so long and finally found one that was affordable, I will post photos when it's done.  It's nice to get my hands dirty again (or all gluie).  I am so behind on everything and it's wonderful to get going on it again.

See you again in a few days, hopefully with photos of all my new goodies!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Things are Looking Up!

I guess I'm still one of the worst bloggers ever, but things are looking up!  I've found the most wonderful (new to me) scrapbooking/stamping company called Fun Stampers Journey and I am one of their newest Journey Coaches!!  I haven't been this excited about a company in a long time, I'm loving everything about it so far.  Not only do they have awesome stamps and scrapbooking items, but they also have mixed media products!!

Currently there is a very cool sign up promotion and it's only good until the end of January.  Everything in the photo below is yours for only $99.00, so if you're interested done wait!!!!  Go to my FSJ website at www.funstampersjourney.com/Susie or click the icon on the right before it's too late!!

If you would like a catalog or more information just let me know!!

Be back tomorrow, getting back into the swing of things!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I Always Have Good Intentions!

I always have good intentions but life always seems to get in the way.  A few days after my last post we found out that my husband had colon cancer.  He had surgery within a couple of days and then did 6 months of chemo.  The chemo lasted a few weeks longer due to blood counts or way to sick.  Things are starting to get back to normal now, hubby is getting stronger every day.  We even took a trip to Michigan to visit our grandsons!!

Now that life is starting to get back to normal, I can now get back to crafting!!!  I've tried to do a few things these past months, but it's been pretty much impossible to do anything when hubby depended on me for everything.  I have so many things I want to do, but Christmas cards are going to be first.  I feel like a little kid, excited to get started!  I won't be able to start until Monday, need to clean the house and finish decorating (what little I do decorate).  I did decorate my little wooden tree and put out a few things already, but still need a couple more things.  With dog tails I can't really put too much stuff out unless it's high enough their tails can't knock it off.

This is a picture of my hubby's last chemo and of course the boys (with Santa).

I will be back soon and will have pictures of what I've been doing!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Friday!

You gotta love Fridays, even when you don't work Fridays are awesome!  Been busy as always and that's always a good thing.  Finally even got rain today and it's supposed to rain until Monday.  Could do without the wind, but I guess you can't have everything.  We really need the rain here in California and we may get up to 6 inches by Sunday, hoping we don't float or blow away (winds up to 65 mile an hour)!!

Been crafting, I actually got the 2 grandsons valentine cards done!!  They're kind of cute and as usual I was in a rush because I need to mail them so they're not late.  Of course while I was looking for valentine stuff (embellishments, paper, stamps, etc.), I was finding all kinds of lost treasures that I forgot I had and now want to play with.  

See, I've been crafting.  You can always tell when I'm creating because I can't create without making a total mess and dragging tons of everything out in case I need it.

Yes, I use jars for everything and 2 of them have candy!!

Here are the valentine cards I made for Liam and Graisen.  I don't think they know my blog address and I don't believe their mother follows it either, so I can post them without spoiling the surprise.

This one is for Liam - Paper, stamps and chipboard frame are Close To My Heart.

This one is for Graisen

Have my tables and desk cleaned up already and am going to create/play all weekend.  It's been a long time since I've been able to spend the whole weekend in my studio and am so looking forward to it.  I'm even thinking about getting into a couple of challenges and I never do them!!

So have a great weekend and hoping to post more finished projects this weekend!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Gone Too Long!

Time get away from everyone and I'm no exception.  It's been way too long since I've made a post, but things are looking up and I plan on spending more time crafting and less time messing around with everything else in my life.  LOL

My craft studio is better, but still a mess.  I'm Like everyone else and when you start reorganizing things you end up finding forgotten treasures and have to play a little.  I did leave my favorite items that I came across out and plan on getting down to business on Wednesday while hubby is out for the day.

Jake our new puppy has gotten big.  He got fixed last week and weighed 47 pounds!!  He is a pretty good little guy and so loving and cuddly, which is why I picked him.  Don't have a recent photo because he can't sit still long enough to get one without being a blur running by!

Millie and Jake on the new bed my mom gave them because her dogs didn't like it.  They're about the same size now, so Jake may end up being huge!

Graisen turned 1 in January and his 1 year photos turned out so cute and I couldn't pick just one to be my favorite (85 photos and they were all adorable).  So here are a couple of my very favorites.  lol

So I am planning on doing another post on Thursday, but if not that means I didn't get to get all crafty on Wednesday and that would be a horrible thing!  lol