Thursday, May 22, 2014

We All Quote Our Mothers

Happy Thursday, hope your week is going great so far and tomorrow is Friday!  Weekends are always fun, long weekends are the best!!

Today is my day on the Pinque Peacock Blog and I always look forward to it.  Wish I could do more fun crafts, but I've been so busy lately with the house (inside and out).  So much to do and so little time in a day.

So my project for today is a card, thought the saying was cute.  I will more than likely save it for my mom's birthday in September.  lol  I used a Large Fabric Covered Button and a beautiful Stick-Pin, check out all the Pinque Peacock items on HERE.

Here is a Close-Up of the Fabric Covered Button and the Stick-Pin, just love the colors!!

Still trying to get my craftroom in order, but still finishing up the painting on the outside of the house and lots of other things that need done, it's that time of the year!!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday Tuesday!

It feels more like a Monday than Tuesday.  It's not that it's a bad day, but wondering where the heck the weekend went.  We have been so busy with house stuff and then throw the stomach flu in there and that's been my last few weeks.

We are almost done painting the house and it's so nice.  I did pick the last color and thought it was a pretty color when I picked it, but hated it after it was on the house.  I just love the new color and hopefully it will last a long while, I hate painting!  Still have a little bit of touch up to do but putting it off for a few weeks to get some other stuff done inside the house.  Hubby is also doing some other things outside that need done, so we're both taking a painting break!

Here are a few photos of painting, but still need to take finished photos.

Here's the old and new colors.  I spent a whole day almost covering windows and everything else that needed covered up.  They had trouble with the paint sprayer the first day and this is pretty much as far as they got.

The Brothers working hard!

Aric doing the high stuff, we're too old to be climbing around on the roof!  lol

Hubby also had to go help a friend get rid of a tree from his property and so he brought it home, gotta love firewood!  Millie thinks she's a goat, she loves climbing on the wood before it's split and stacked.  She also likes to climb up on it after it's stacked and has been known to us it to jump over the fence!!  lol
The tomatoes are doing so good too, just waiting for the first one to pop out!

Have a great week and will be posting again in a few days, a crafty post!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Thinking of You

Happy Friday!  Friday's are always fun and has always been one of my favorite days of the week, more so when I was working of course.

Today I have a Thinking of You card.  It would have been a Mother's Day card, but since my mother was making the same card with me at a card making party, I went ahead and made it a Thinking of You card.

I used a beautiful Pinque Peacock Stick Pin to add a little something more to this card.  The Stick Pins are always perfect to add just that little special something to any project!!

Here is a not so good picture of the stick pin.  This photo doesn't do the stick pin justice at all, it is beautiful!!

Here is the card and the stick pin adds that something special to an already pretty card.

Now it's been a while since I've actually been able to use my craft room for anything, let alone anything creative!  I've been just clearing enough space on the table to get a quick project done.  I've been going through everything and what I don't think I'll use I've been selling.  I even thought about opening a Facebook group to sell my treasures and I still may.

Here are a few photos of my mess.  I can walk a bit now, a few weeks ago I couldn't even walk.

And this is my desk and table.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!