Monday, December 8, 2014

It's Looking Like Christmas!

This time of the year is so busy for everyone between decorating, baking, shopping and for those of us that make gifts and cards.  As usual I'm behind!  I thought I was done making gifts but ran into problems when putting them all together, so it will take me a few more days to get them done.  Haven't started on my cards either and hoping I'll be able to get them done, but if not I have a box of back up cards.  lol

Did get some decorating done and decided on my silly wood tree again.  I thought it was cute last year and with the puppy decided to decorate it again.

Here is our Christmas tree - 

My hubby has been busy too with his Santa's Village and it turned out cute this year.  Here are a couple photos, looks like John Wayne is looking over the village  - 

And here is a little cutie decorating his own tree back in Michigan - 

And not so Christmas related, this is Jake's latest, got himself stuck and needed rescuing.  Guess he climbed up the wood pile and onto the table, but too scared to jump down.  Needless to say I moved the table.

Well wish me luck on getting everything done before Christmas and be back soon!!