Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Blast From The Past Frame!

I always look forward to my turn on the Pinque Peacock Blog and plan out my project, but it doesn't always work out!  I have several projects always going at once as I'm sure all crafters do, but the last month or so they're not turning out like I envisioned them in my head!

So after my project for today's blog post was a bust, I did another quick project so as not to let our awesome followers down (or you may be let down when you see it)!

So here is my quick and easy frame.  I used a Burlap Fabric Splendid Swirl and a 3/4 inch Fabric Covered Button that ca be found at the Pinque Peacock Shop.

 The photo is of my son back in 1979 making his silly face, he was 2.

Hopefully the projects I'm still working on will turn out better than the last few!  I've been trying to be more creative and use different mediums, but I guess it just takes some practice.  I always expect to be good at everything and be able to just jump right in without practice, but it's just not the case!!  So I've been experimenting and seeing what works out best for me and have a big mess everywhere (shocking I know).  If it was all neat and tidy then I wouldn't be trying right?

So I am hoping to be posting a few new projects in the next few weeks if all goes well.

We are about to finish up some outside projects on the house and the biggie is painting.  UGH, I hate painting!!  The guys did build a new garage door and it looks so nice and will look better once it's painted.  But the outside is looking good or better anyways.  I do need to power wash yet, but have to borrow it from my wonderful brother.

So have a great rest of the week!


  1. Your son is super duper cute!!!!!!! Love the frame!

  2. Susie this burlap flower goes perfectly with the vintage type frame. I feel your pain with trying new techniques, if only we could manage on our 1st try, lol. I also agree with you about the painting. Our house needs it but we are both procrastinating. If we wait long enough we can always say "it's too hot" and we'll have to wait 'til Fall, lol.

  3. Love the distress look of this frame! Coupled with the burlap flower and that great button, it just all works perfectly together.

  4. Can TOTALLY relate to projects not quite how I'd imagined!

    Love your quickie sub! His face…absolutely charming. Bet he got away with all sorts of wrong doing with that grin!