Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday and time is just flying by.  I've been busy getting my craftroom into shape so that I can actually work in it, but it's going slow.  Lots going on and not going to get slower any time soon.  Have a couple of crafty projects due very soon and a blog hop coming up, so better get busier!  It's always fun cleaning my room, always find lots of treasures and always end up playing with something instead of working.  hehehe

On a more somber note, got the news this week that Sara is officially moving to Spokane at the end of March and she's taking Liam with her!  I finally get me a grand baby and now he's moving away.  I knew it was coming, but am devastated.  We're having a family going away party March 9th, but it won't be a celebration to me.  I'm just hoping I don't cry the whole time and embarrass myself.  Enough on that subject, too depressing!!

I'm trying to blog regularly, but am still not doing the best, but with all that's going on with the Pinque Peacock and Our Kreative Karma design teams I know that I will be posting a lot more!  So please stay tuned for the next post and hopefully I will WOW you!  lol  Have lots of awesome product from the Pinque Peacock and just need to clear off my work area so that I can 'create' some beautiful projects.  It's been killing me I haven't been able to play in my craftroom, but by the weekend it should be done enough to have some crafty fun!

So enjoy the rest of the week and wish me luck with my clean up!

Our little Liam turned 5 months old on the 24th and Sara took a few pictures and so I'm putting my a few of my favorite ones below.  Check out those chubby little arms (you should see his legs)!!  LOL


  1. Hi Susie,
    Stopping by to say hello. I LOVE your blog. Please come up to Auburn and visit Lazy Cowgirl sometime.