Monday, January 26, 2015

Gone Too Long!

Time get away from everyone and I'm no exception.  It's been way too long since I've made a post, but things are looking up and I plan on spending more time crafting and less time messing around with everything else in my life.  LOL

My craft studio is better, but still a mess.  I'm Like everyone else and when you start reorganizing things you end up finding forgotten treasures and have to play a little.  I did leave my favorite items that I came across out and plan on getting down to business on Wednesday while hubby is out for the day.

Jake our new puppy has gotten big.  He got fixed last week and weighed 47 pounds!!  He is a pretty good little guy and so loving and cuddly, which is why I picked him.  Don't have a recent photo because he can't sit still long enough to get one without being a blur running by!

Millie and Jake on the new bed my mom gave them because her dogs didn't like it.  They're about the same size now, so Jake may end up being huge!

Graisen turned 1 in January and his 1 year photos turned out so cute and I couldn't pick just one to be my favorite (85 photos and they were all adorable).  So here are a couple of my very favorites.  lol

So I am planning on doing another post on Thursday, but if not that means I didn't get to get all crafty on Wednesday and that would be a horrible thing!  lol


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