Thursday, July 11, 2013

Framed Art!

I love it when it's my turn to post on the Pinque Peacock Blog!  I haven't had time lately to do much in my craft room, but I know that when it's my turn to post that I get to play!  hehehe

I made this Angel Wings canvas in June for my last Pinquette post, but wasn't sure what to do with it when I got it done.  A couple years ago my hubby made me 3 different frames using chicken wire and 2 of them were hanging on the wall in the hallway with nothing in them.  Not thrilled with the one that I do have stuff in, so I am going to undo it and now I have an idea on what to do for all 3.

This is the 1 frame that I did this morning and will be working on the other 2 now.  This is one of the end ones, the one in the middle is the biggest.

I put a picture hanger on the back of the canvas and used the fabric splendid swirl and beaded stick pin on the left corner and the layered garden beauty in the right corner.  I do love these frames, gotta love Pinterest!!  lol

I just love these soft rose fabric splendid swirls, I've used them on quite a few projects!  The beaded stick pin is gorgeous too!!

This is an odd angle, but was having issued taking the photos.  The layered garden beauty is so pretty and is also in the soft rose pattern.

Hope you enjoyed today's post and come back often to see the other 2 frames when they're done!  I know me well enough to know that things may also get added to this one once ideas get flowing!


  1. I love the beautiful vintage look of this Susie!!! You rocked it!!!!
    Pinquette Shelley

  2. Beautiful canvas. I too love the vintage feel it has. TFS AJ-